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Summer in the Dolomites

summer dolomites Hotel Cima Belprà
Wed 01 Jun 2016

Dolomites holiday 2016

Summer in the Dolomites is an explosion of color and vitality: the emerald green of the meadows and the most intense of the woods , the blue of the clear sky and the rainbow of flowers, the deep red of the sunset paints the peaks to sunset in overtime enrosadira phenomenon, due to the peculiar composition of the rocks. A scenario that only these mountains can give, and that awakens the desire to live in the open air. Walk and breathe the energy of the Dolomite landscapes. It is the morning sun that scatters its rays on the meadows, are the roofs of the houses of the countries that shine, is the sweet wind blowing through the trees, are the sharp peaks which rise on the horizon.
What's better to regenerate? Physical activity or relaxation? A holiday of fun or culture? The answer is simple: prepare your suitcase and come over the Dolomites, a step away from heaven, at the Hotel Cima Belprà. The Dolomites are for everyone! An impressive mountain scenery, unspoilt nature, the bracing climate, and hiking trails for quiet walks or more strong trekking, climbing, rock climbing, horseback riding, bike paths, trails for mountain biking, vertical sports and adrenaline-fueled activities like canyoning, kiteboarding, parachuting and paragliding. Not to mention the pure relaxation, perhaps at the sun terrace of a hut, easily accessible by the lifts. The local flavors are the secret ingredients to add a special touch to your holiday, try our restaurant "La Scaletta" will certainly leave a tasty souvenir.