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Rimoldi Modern Art Museum

Dolomites modern art museum
Mon 08 Aug 2016

Dolomites so much culture to discover

Rimoldi Modern Art Museum was inaugurated in 1974 following the generous donation received the Regole d'Ampezzo by Rosa Braun, widow of Mario Rimoldi, collector of Cortina d'Ampezzo.
The Museum of Modern Art Rimoldi has as its primary purpose to preserve, enhance and promote the collection, disclose the figure of the collector Mario Rimoldi and promulgate the interest in the art of the Italian Novecento. The Museum of Modern Art Rimoldi is working with loans for temporary exhibitions of important institutions in Italy and abroad.
Artists such as De Pisis, De Chirico, Sironi, Campigli and Music, frequenters of the Ampezzo valley, establish with the collector a fruitful friendship.
In 1941, when it opens in Cortina the first International Exhibition of Collector, in the collection of Mario Rimoldi stand the splendid de Pisis , Morandi , the Semeghini , the Rosai , the Campigli , Sironi i , the Garbari , the Severini , Tosi and the Guidi .
After the war come from the collection of the experimental works by artists already represented with figurative paintings. The interested collector to artists linked to the figurative vein and the environment Veneto and not only that, but it also affects foreign artists such as Kokoschka, Leger, Villon, Zadkine, and approaches to the protagonists of the new avant-garde, the abstract of the Fifties.
The Ministry of Heritage and Culture has declared of cultural interest in the collection to be the outcome of an activity that developed into a collecting cinquennio and to constitute one of the most significant collections in Italy for the twentieth -century art.
The permanent exhibition of the Modern Art Museum Rimoldi stand out the Church of Cortina and the de Pisis French soldier, the Bathers Carena, the Square of San Pouring Semeghini, the Zolfara of Guttuso, the San Sebastian Garbari, the Ile des charmes Savinio and Campigli Concerto.
That's one of the many cultural wonders that surround the Dolomites, and are all to be discovered .

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