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Museum in the clouds

Museum in the clouds hotel cima bel prà
Wed 01 Jun 2016

Museo Messner, Monte Rite

The Museum is located in the clouds on Mount Rite, Cibiana di Cadore, in the Dolomites.
From the summit of Monte Rite you can stay ammagliati the extraordinary panorama that opens up before you: from Monte Pelmo, the Civetta, Marmolada, the Tofane, Sorapis to, to Marmarole, Schiara, Agner, the Cimon della Pala, a beautiful spot in world.
This mountain, before the Great War, was a stronghold and after the conflict has turned into a place of peace, quiet and serenity.
The fort is now a museum, in fact, the Veneto Region and Reinhold Messner, an international hunger mountaineer, have transformed this place, designed for war, in a monument of peace and tranquility.

To reach the summit and enjoy the stunning scenery you can take a nature trail that winds the mountain, discovering the wonders, as well as to meet with a small herd of yaks of the Himalayas, brought here by Messner. For more information:


€ 50.00 / day per person half board and children up to 12 years 50 %