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“Il Profumo del Legno”

Mon 20 Jun 2016

XXVIII° International Symposium Wood carvings

On the occasion of the First Week of Wood XXVIII International Symposium Wood carvings it is held the exhibition "The Scent of Wood" by the cabinetmaker Luciano Molinari.
The cabinetmaker up decorations, mosaics or real designs, using only wood, in a variety of more or less valuable (and not only ebony, to the detriment of the name). As for the inlay, also in cabinet the base consists of a drawing on cardboard, cut and composed in mosaic fashion. At this craft to craft with the wood he is passionate Luciano Molinari.
In the occasion of XXVIII International Symposium Wood carvings, which will be staged in the Valley of Auronzo June 20 to 25 , the cabinet-maker held an exhibition at the Palace Court I place June 18 to 26 , entitled The Scent of Wood”. This exhibition is inspired by her youth, when in 1996 he began, just for fun, to collect certain varieties of species and to maintain the sawdust in special jars that, properly sealed, keep intact over time the fragrance as just worked. Today has come to gather more than 300 types, each with their own diverse fragrances that guards passionately in his studio.
Mr. Molinari has created several works including “La Vespa Teresa” made by coating a Vespa 50 L of 1963 with over 200 types of wood. Other works for which it is known are the " Giuseppine", tops in limited edition wood collection, created with the essences of the Master Ebanista Giuseppe Maggiolini.
To admire his works, the cabinet maker is waiting to Auronzo during the week of the wood. More information: