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Dolomites: art and culture

Dolomites art and culture
Mon 18 Jul 2016

Dolomites not only relax and sports but also many places in which to meet the history, tradition and Italian art

The Dolomites, UNESCO heritage, fascinating for their history of which they were the theater, a story that starts far away in time, with different peoples and dominations, and you can read today in the customs, traditions and archaeological evidence, artistic and architectural scattered throughout the territory of the province of Belluno or preserved in many museums.

Rural architecture, like the ancient wooden buildings built with the technical blockbau who meet in the mountain villages, the elegant Venetian Villas of Belluno Valley; by the historical buildings of Belluno and Feltre that recall the sinuous lines to the thousands of Venetian churches which mark an artistic path of large and small excellence. Pieve di Cadore, birthplace of the famous painter Tiziano Vecellio; Cibiana di Cadore, the town of murals; the second highest European museums - the Great War Museum in Marmolada at 2950 m and the Messner Mountain Museum or " Museum of the clouds " on Mount Rite at 2181 m; the paintings of De Pisis and Guttuso Museum of Modern Art " Mario Rimoldi " Cortina d'Ampezzo; the living objects of the Ethnographic Museum of the Province of Belluno in Seravella of Cesiomaggiore... suggestions for a cultural holiday is really a lot , just keep out of the curiosity.
The memory of the Great War is particularly vivid in the Dolomites: 29 long months of fighting have left many traces in the landscape. Remains of emplacements, trenches, strong, historic trails along the front: opportunities to discover a special bond between people and history, a century later, to know and not forget.
Next to traditions and folklore that the Dolomites offer with festivals and more, where you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes, are willing to contemporary, becoming a stage for highly topical and trendy events, such as major cultural events Cortina d'Ampezzo including readings, concerts and openings, for a 360 ° culture from very original shades .
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