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Cheese Road

Cheese Road hotel cima belprà
Fri 12 Aug 2016

Road of Cheeses and Flavours of the Belluno Dolomites

The Road of Cheeses and Flavors of the Belluno Dolomites  was created to promote the production of Belluno dairy and other agro - food production quality and traditional. In addition, the Road of Cheeses and Flavors of the Dolomites creates synergy with the ristorazionecosì structures to be made known the identity between product and territory. Today with globalizzazionde of markets we have lost the tradition of local products, from which the need to find new ways comes to add value to dairy production in the Dolomites starting from the trio product, territory, consumer. The main synergy remains, however, that the catering service to offer the consumer the singularity of our cheeses, including through traditional country dishes.
On the Road of Cheeses and Flavors of the Belluno Dolomites you can explore detailed selections of cheeses of the Belluno Dolomites, discovering features and advantages. A quality product, and strongly linked to the dairy tradition of the province.
The Road of Cheeses and Flavors of the Dolomites gives the opportunity to know pastures and dairies that are at the origin of this production, the restaurateurs and hoteliers, the cottages and mountain huts offering tempting recipes made with local cheeses and dairy products, following all of the recommended itineraries, crossing the Dolomite valleys, will allow you to discover the natural, historical and artistic.

Looking for a Hotel in the Belluno Dolomites? Hotel Cima Belprà welcomes you with a tasting of wines and typical products of the Dolomites, in the charming 'Scaletta'. An aperitif of welcome to make you immediately enter the atmosphere and Dolomite. A gastronomic journey like no other providing for a wine tasting and tasting in platter of typical cold cuts and cheeses of our valleys and mountains .