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Cadorini Painters on the front

Cadorini Painters Great War Hotel Cima Belprà
Sun 24 Jul 2016

An exhibition to commemorate the Cadore painters on the front in the Great War

The exhibition proposed by the Magnificent Community in the Palace of the Magnificent Community of Cadore in Pieve di Cadore, aims to witness the dramas of three Cadore artists: Solero , Rossaro and Marchioni. These three painters, linked by the common fate of being protagonists in the front in the Great War and being united, in a different way , forever marked by this tremendous historic event.
This exhibition is a critical re-enactment of a story that in contemporary European history was a genuine dilemma: on the one hand one would like to erase the horror, and be content to define the Great War, with the prophetic words of Benedict XV and cautionary, a "useless slaughter"; the other continues the civil and intellectual duty to understand the complex reasons that led to the explosion and the consequences it produced . The exhibition is realized with the support of the Veneto Region under the program for the centenary of the Great War. A section is dedicated to the Volunteers of the Cadore Alpine where you can discover relics related to the First World War .
Another piece of Italian history that will be experienced in the Dolomites.
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