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Hotel Cima Belprà new Wellness Area near Cortina

From December 8 all guests of the Hotel Cima Belprà can relax after a good skiing or walk in the Dolomites, discover the new SPA

From this winter you can relax in the new wellness area of ​​Hotel Cima Belprà. The wellness center will be available to all guests who after a day on the ski or after a trek in the Dolomites will want to relax and be enveloped by the sensory paths of the Spa.
In the wellness area you can take care of yourself with the Spa System thanks to four different wellness goals.


“I’m looking for a way to escapefrom a stressful life that is fullof tension. I want to take controlof my time and think only of mymental and physical balance.”
The RELAX path helps relax contracted muscles and promotes slow and gradual relaxation of the body..
“I want to feel more toned andinvigorated. I am focused on my fitness and I want to increase mydaily level of well-being.”
The TONIC path promotes intellectual and physical toning by improving muscles tone and increasing the oxygenation of the body.
“I take a lot of care over my appearance. I want to rid myself of impurities, and feel regenerated and purified.”
The PURIFY path promotes the elimination of build-ups of metabolic waste and excessive fluids through increased transpiration.
“I want to recharge my body with new energy. I need a burst of vitality and vigour.”
The EXCITE path promotes a feeling of renewed vitality through the improvement of the metabolic mechanism, giving tone to the heartbeat.

With sp.a_system, our spa offers you the perfect combination of heat, cold reaction, and rest. We’ll show you the right sequence of equipment and how long you should use it for your body to feel the full benefit. Choose your desired wellness goal, and follow the colour that goes with it.


In addition to these wellness paths, you can relax body and soul in our Sauna, Turkish Bath and rest in the zero-body bed.
To delight all this a wonderful panoramic terrace with solarium overlooking the Dolomites

Book now your stay at Hotel Cima Belprà, this winter you have one more reason!